About Me

Hi There!

Welcome to my website, dedicated to my beloved Shih Tzu.

As I am a proud Shih Tzu mum and love sharing our show results and other adventures I decided I wanted my own little part of the world wide web. The name of this page is the pedigree name of my beloved Kiran, a tribute to him you could say. I do not have a kennel name as I am not a breeder, I only have boys.

How it all started

My love of Shih Tzu began in 2009 when Javari chose me as his new Shih Tzu mum.

I was adamant at that time that I wasn't going to show my boy, I just wanted a companion.

I always loved the Shih Tzu that were in their long flowing coat and was lucky enough that the breeder of my boy was willing to teach me the ropes of coat management.

In my home town there is a dogshow every year and as people told me what a beautiful boy I had I decided to enter him. Just once, really...... (been there, done that, got the t-shirt kind of thing). Javari not only decided he loved the showring but he won, whoops.

It really sparked my interest and I found a great training facility nearby so a new hobby was born.


As one Shih Tzu is never enough three years later my Kiran (son of my Javari) joined our little family. Although he wasn't too keen on showing he has some lovely results.

I withdrew him from showing after he was attacked by a Bullmastiff at ringcraft which damaged his spine causing a lot of pain. He was three years old at that time. Unfortunately, specialists couldn't do anything as an operation would be too risky and could result in paralysis and loss of bowel and bladder control.  With help of my vets, an osteopath and physiotherapist and increasing pain medication we had three more beautiful years together. He passed away in the summer of 2018 and has his own special place on the site.


In november 2015 a gold/white viking was born in Sweden and for me it was love at first sight. I visited the breeder in January 2016 and it was lovely to see him, his siblings, his parents and extended family. Just as with Javari, there was an instand bond between us. In March that year he came to live with us and within two days all three boys were playing together. Taizo has a cheeky and loving character and comes up with mischief the other two have never thought off. He also loves showing and has already qualified for and showed at Crufts twice before qualifying for live.


Soon after Taizo joined the family I told his breeder that when she had another special boy like him to please contact me. In March 2019 i got the message, he is born! I am sure Kiran had a hand (or paw) in this as the week I was going to pick Odin up was the week I had lost him one year earlier. It felt like a gift from heaven. Odin's pedigree name is Ziams Flying Dutchman, very apt as I went to pick him up by KLM plane. He is a lovely addition to my family and I looking forward to showing him.


We love walking and camping and you will find us caravanning almost all summer long.

When we go cycling I have a special doggyride that doubles as a stroller. You can see fun pictures of the boys here.

Due to my interest in the Shih Tzu I became secretary of the Dutch Shih Tzu Club in 2016 and I visited the Shih Tzu World Forum in the UK in 2019.

Grooming Products

Having my boys in full coat means I am always looking for grooming products that make my live, and that of the boys, easier. In 2020 a friend of mine, also a Shih Tzu owner, show lover and breeder, developed her own line of grooming products and I was one of the first to try them. I loved them straight away! Long story short, I am selling her line now in the EU and a new adventure started.